Value Added Pricing so your business can plan for it's future

Value Added Pricing so your business can plan for it's future

Pricing for Bookkeeping is a flat fee rather than by the hour / This helps you to be able to budget your life and never worry that extra transactions or phone time with me will cost you more.  

Common Scenarios of Small Business Owners:

 Do you do your own books or have someone in- house who does the day to day reconciliations?  Would you 

like a professional to oversee common mistakes and provide you with answers to those daunting bookkeeping / tax


Service Call Bookkeeping offers a lower rate for monthly consulting / advising with Quickbooks and Xero subscriptions. 


Do you need a full service bookkeeper to enter, classify, record, and reconcile your business's bank and credit

card accounts?  Manage your assets, liabilities, journal entries?  Are you just too busy and would like to be able

to focus more on growing your business and maximizing cash flow?

Service Call Bookkeeping offers a package for all monthly reconciliations, journal entries, assets, and liabilities.

We will provide you with a Balance Sheet, YTD and Monthly Income Statement (P&L) and a Cash Flows Statement.

This package also includes unlimited e-mail support.  


Does your company have past bookkeeping that was never done or was maybe completed incorrectly?  Would

you like your books historically cleaned up starting at the beginning of the current year or even going back to

the previous year? 

We offer a comfortable payment plan to help reduce all the upfront costs that can be incorporated into your monthly plan. 


Other packages are available should your company need Sales Tax Management, Payroll Management,

Invoicing or Bill Pay.  


To assist you better, we currently accept the following forms of payment: